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llsoverinll - GameJolt - Artist
Ivan Ng - Zotair - GameJolt | Twitter | Website - Programmer
Jake Gaske - LazyFridayStudio - GameJolt | Website | Twitter | FaceBook - Programmer


A modern take on the classic tank arcade game, The game has currently a Multiplayer feature which allows the you to play over a network. Multiplayer is PVP FFA, requires 2 or more people to play, Lobby's can be hosted with up to 6 people.

Single players puts you in the situation of the classic tank game, With a twist, you have 5 small lambs that are your lives, Defend them with your Lives ( you have 5), Enemy's will come from a spawn points, each wave will get harder, to win the waves kill all the enemy tanks


Xbox360 Controller

Left Trigger - Reverse
Left Bumper - Fire
Right Trigger - Accelerator
Right Stick - Aim

Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Shoot
W - Move Forwards
S - Move Backwards
A - Left Turn
D - Right Turn

Install instructions

1. Download the game Zip folder

2. Then extract the game files to a folder on your computer (*IMPORTANT* game EXE and data folder have to be in the same folder*)

3.then run the EXE and the game will lunch.


AB 1.0.0.zip 125 MB

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